self-introduce for interview

Good morning, my name is Li Chao, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview. Now I will introduce myself briefly, I am 21 years old, born in jiangsu province. My major is communication engineering.

During the school, I have obtained a second-class scholarship three times and merit student and outstanding members and other honorary titles.

 I am a positive man. In the past three years, I learned java, C#, Linux by myself and recommended myself to the INTERNET CENTER studio in our school for development work. Now I have been the team leader of the studio. Also, being the class monitor for about 2 years improves my leadership skills. By the way, I have passed CET4/6 and NCRE-2 Java.

 When it comes to working experience, I have done many science research projects. Some projects are from my studio, others are from Student Research Training Program.

Among studio projects, one is to use Discuz open-source framework to develop the BBS of our school. Another is to develop a VPS integrated management system using .NET and SQLSERVER.

  Among SRTP projects, I leader two is developing an android app, which is used to stream media freely when the phone connects to the School Wireless Network.

  Another is developing a website, which is used to manage grade and information of our college students.

 Among all those projects, most importantly, I have learned how to learn a new technology quickly.

 In addition to this, I love reading and playing basketball and biking. My favourite writer is Murakami.

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