self-introduce for interview

Good morning, my name is Li Chao, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview. Now I will introduce myself briefly, I am 21 years old, born in jiangsu province. My major is communication engineering.

During the school, I have obtained a second-class scholarship three times and merit student and outstanding members and other honorary titles.

 I am a positive man. In the past three years, I learned java, C#, Linux by myself and recommended myself to the INTERNET CENTER studio in our school for development work. Now I have been the team leader of the studio. Also, being the class monitor for about 2 years improves my leadership skills. By the way, I have passed CET4/6 and NCRE-2 Java.

 When it comes to working experience, I have done many science research projects. Some projects are from my studio, others are from Student Research Training Program.

Among studio projects, one is to use Discuz open-source framework to develop the BBS of our school. Another is to develop a VPS integrated management system using .NET and SQLSERVER.


用了好久的gnome,今天终于受不了了,arch里的gnome阉割了ibus功能,但是gnome又依赖ibus,于是就有了各种蛋疼的问题,比如Qt,GTK等程序经常用不了fcitx输入法,即使重定义的im方法都没用,而且NetworkManager也有问题,每次上网都要先手动开网卡,而后手动开无线或拨号,好麻烦,忍无可忍终于切换到KDE了,先sudo pacman -S kde,然后sudo pa......